We are forming our know-how’s with prosperity, as a result of below studies which allow product development and R&D facilities by improving our engineering skills every passing day.

Finite Elements Analysis

Conformity decision of parts are taken in shorter time by reducing repetition number of tests via statical tests under the scope of development studies together with simultaneous finite element analysis in computer environment. ANSYS,MSC Marc and MSC Apex are used as FEA software.

Dynamic Test Machines

Under the scope of product development studies, decision of dynamic behaviour in real road conditions of the products are made via accelerated fatigue tests. More durable products are developed by means of tests performed in 4 different movement direction (torsional, cardanic, radial and axial) and comparison with different products.

Statical Tests

Decisions are made whether product meets specific conditions with statical tests carried out according to relevant standards, aiming to improve product quality and to release the right product to customer as a result of development studies based on test results.

Generating the CAD data with CAD software (catia, solidworks) as a part of design process are initial steps of product development studies before product manufacturing. It enables to make correct production process during product lifetime.